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The Importance of Rekeying Your New Premises

With today’s constant turnover of houses, flats and businesses it’s important to rekey or change the existing key to a new code. This ensures that the old key doesn’t work anymore. A lot of people say why, I know the old owners ,but do you know who has had the keys to that property, i.e. cleaners, builders, kids, friends.

We have rekeyed a lot of properties where they have been robed with no sign of break and enter. In other words we know someone has used a key to get in. It’s hard to explain to the police and insurance companies this has happened without some suspicion.

It’s an exciting time to move into a new premises either a house, flat or business, you take great importance on who does the move (we recommend the Mini Movers) and also getting the phone and power connected, getting insurances and also making some updates inside the property to make it your own, but rekeying is the most important thing you can do before moving in by far it’s a cost effective way of doing this without the expense of replacing the lock.

At Toplock Locksmiths we come out on site and do this in no time, we have fully qualified and uniformed locksmiths to do this for you 24/7.

We are fully insured and we are a full member of the MLA (Master Locksmiths of Australasia).

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By Justin Fankhauser, owner of Toplock Locksmiths