Top Security Tips

Top Security Tips

Alarms, cameras and monitoring


Intruders are less likely to target your property for break-in if they can see you have a burglar alarm. This can go hand-in-hand with the installation of security cameras to monitor any activity inside and outside the property. The ultra version of security is the addition of a monitoring system that allows you to see all this on your phone where ever you are at any time … how much peace of mind can you get?

Door locks


Have good quality door locks fitted without delay. Regular door knobs are burglars favourite and are easily broken or picked open. Install bolts to your patio doors and always key-lock your doors when you go out. When moving house, make sure you re-key your new premises to a new key. This will disable any old keys from opening the locks and guarantee you are the only person who has access to your house.

Emergency contacts


Keep important numbers in your phone at all times. Your local police station (report anyone lurking around), your local locksmith (if you get locked out) and your electricity provider (report power loss).

Front and backyard


At home, think about access to your backyard and what your front yard looks like. Is it easy to get to your yard where an intruder can work undisturbed to get into the house? Consider fencing and gates to the sides of the house. Lock away tools and toys and keep all out buildings locked too.



Lighting is an important factor in good security. Sensor lights are inexpensive to buy and install. Flood lights are great to eliminate hiding spots. Internal lights on timers are also good if you are going away or often go out at night.

Marking valuables


It’s an idea to mark any valuables you have with the initials of your state, e.g., VIC and then your driver’s license number. You can do this with an ‘invisible’ pen or with engraving. This way if any valuables are stolen or go missing, then they can be identified if they are found.

Neighbourhood Watch


Make friends with your neighbours. They can be your eyes and ears while you are away from your property. Leave emergency contact numbers with them. Join your local Neighbourhood Watch too.

Property perimeter


Think about what surrounds your property. Are there any hiding places? Keep trees, hedges and bushes trimmed to a height where the property can be seen clearly and especially where your neighbours can see the front of your property clearly.

Security screen doors (flywire)


These can be installed on doors to help prevent any unauthorised access to your property. In summer when you want a cool breeze they are the perfect solution as they allow you to have the main doors open while keeping out prying eyes and potential burglars. It’s a good thing to always key-lock the screen door as the latch doesn’t offer maximum security and remember that they are for use while you are at the property. Your front door as well as your security screen door should always be key-locked when you leave.

Window locks


These are a standard requirement to any insurance policy these days. Windows that don’t have locks are an easy target. Remember, do not leave the keys in the locks.