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Mobile Locksmiths Melbourne


Mobile locksmiths are locksmiths who can travel to your place of residence, your business premises or to your automobile too attend to your locksmith needs, bringing equipment with them to do the required work. This can save you the time and expense of having to go to their business outlet.

In general, a locksmith is someone who makes and repairs locks including deadlocks, spring and bolt locks, combination and automotive locks. Locksmiths need to acquire detailed knowledge of how locks are put together and operate, and they also require the ability to use small tools and fine movements. Many locksmith companies also install alarm and surveillance security systems for businesses and homes. Mobile locksmiths in Melbourne who operate a 24hour emergency service are able to attend to lockouts at any time of the day or night.

Services are offered by mobile locksmiths in Melbourne to help improve the security of your home or business and deter unwanted intruders or unauthorised personnel. Security aids include:

Burglar alarm systems:

These include wireless and wired types. Ideally alarms should include battery power in case of power failures and have fire-sensing capabilities. Monitored alarm systems mean that someone is notified to respond if they are triggered and go ‘off’. Infra-red motion detectors can also be set up to trigger the alarm. Other systems include cameras and CCTVs in car-parks or within building grounds or premises.

Restricted key systems:

If you are running a business with many employees coming and going you may be concerned about their access to other departments, or about past employees not having returned their keys and making copies. This is particularly concerning of good records of the whereabouts of keys has not been kept. A restricted master key system means that key duplicates cannot be made without your written consent, and you get to control who has keys to the various areas of the building. Many large corporations utilise restricted key systems which are computer generated and contain current and historical records of all keys.


These are used in homes and offices to house petty cash, banking and valuables such as jewellery. Safes can be fire-rated and be bolted down so that they cannot be removed by thieves, and many safes can be hidden in discrete areas.

Rekeying services:

This is the ability to have your existing locks altered to all fit the same key. This process can be a lot less expensive than replacing all the locks in your house or building.

Lock installation and repairs:

This includes heavy duty padlocks and deadlocks, commercial high-grade, fire-rated security locks, and access control to buildings.

TOPLOCK Locksmiths Melbourne supply locksmith services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Their services carry the Master Locksmith professional guarantee and they use reputable products that meet Australian Standards, including Lockwood, Whitco, Guardian, Gainsborough, Bosch and DSE.

TOPLOCK are members of the Master Locksmiths Association (MLAA) which is the Australian locksmith governing body. In order to belong to the MLAA, members must have undergone rigorous tests and security and criminal checks. All MLAA members must be fully qualified under State and Territory security industry legislation, abide by the established Code of Ethics and must be a fully qualified and experienced security industry professional. This means you can rest assured that all of TOPLOCK’S services are professional and quality-assured. All MLAA members are fully licensed and the ethics code includes maintaining client confidentiality and applying the highest level of skills and knowledge.

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