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Then call TopLock now on 1300 679 979 – we’ve got locksmiths standing by to provide for your Epping Locksmith requirements and can have someone at your home, business or vehicle in under 1 hr.

Epping is a suburb 22km north of Melbourne with plenty to offer for both residents and tourists. The town is accessible by the Hume Freeway, or through the Epping railway station, which is also connected to public bus routes. While these travel amenities make this a fine place for out-of-towners to visit and shop at the Epping Plaza, it also makes it easy for untrustworthy people to travel to and from the town.

While Epping is a charming place to live, it is of the upmost important to keep your home, your family and your business safe from potential intruders. The best way to protect your property is through preventative measures. Installing bright sensor lights can scare of intruders. Secure deadbolts, a “beware of dog” sticker and lock servicing can go a long way in ensuring your safety.

Security Tips for New Home Owners in Mernda

Re key
Its a sad fact the many newly built houses are burgled within 12 months of being built, and there is no obvious point of entry. At Toplock, this is not such a surprising statistic, because if you’ve had your home newly built or renovated, many, many people would have had a set of keys to your house. That’s why after getting the keys to your house… you should re key your locks before you move in. We are aware of one case where a family got their house emptied the day after moving in, without a window being broken, or a door lock forced. So do yourself a favor and re key for your piece of mind.

Deadlocks on Your Doors, locks on your Windows
Hone and contents insurance doesn’t stop thieves, deadlocks and window locks do. They are both a deterrent and a barrier to entry. Not only do thieves hate them, insurance companies love them, in fact, most insist on homes having them installed or they won’t honor your policy. Oh they will take your policy payments… you just won’t actually have valid insurance so if push comes to shove and you are burgled? Its unlikely the insurance company will pay out.

Alarms and CCTV Mernda
In days gone by, house alarms and CCTV cameras were simply to expensive for most home owners but these days? Just as with laptops and other electronics(which thieves love to steal by the way as they are light, valuable and easily onsold) the components in home alarms and CCTV cameras have come way down in price in recent years so now such security options are within the reach of most people. A house alarm system is an awesome way to secure your property. Its very hard to concentrate on robbing a house with an alarm screaming in your ears and the knowledge the police or on their way. CCTV cameras are also great because believe it or not, most thieves don’t bring balaclava as these are seen as evidence of them having ill intent even if they don’t actually burgle someone! Thieves se the CCTV cameras, and look for an easier target.

Installing a safe in your workplace, as well as scheduling maintenance and safety audits can protect your work from a break-in. Our locksmiths are able to install numerous safety measures, including advanced security systems and electronic swipe cards.

We offer free consultations for regarding the best security system for your home or office. Our advanced systems include pin pads and swipe cards, and all of the state-of-the-line technology sure to keep you safe.

In the event that you should have an emergency, we will have you covered. We offer repairs after break-ins and lock rekeying should you misplace the key to your home. We are able to create custom alarm and surveillance systems. Call for a consultation for one of these systems today.

In the unfortunate event that you may lock your keys inside of your car, we provide 24/7 locksmith services that extend to Epping. We have the capability to create new keys and help you back into your car. Our technology even allows us to create unique transponder keys using diagnostic equipment. Call us around the clock for locksmith services and we promise to respond within the hour.

Whether you are seeking help in a time of need or preventing future problems, we have a full range of locksmith services happy to serve the community of Epping.