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Then call TopLock now on 1300 679 979 – we’ve got locksmiths standing by to provide for your Lower Plenty Locksmith requirements and can have someone at your home, business or vehicle in under 1 hr.

We are local locksmiths who enjoy working around the Plenty River and service the suburb of Lower Plenty and surrounding areas. There is so much to do and see in this area and we love the many features of this area of Melbourne.

As local locksmiths for Lower Plenty we are familiar with the many features of the suburb, including the building styles that exist in this area and also the crime rates, styles and trends. We have a range of security products that can you assist you and your business in staying safe, and also products that can assist you in protecting your home and your entire family.

We don’t want to live with stress and peace of mind is highly important in this busy world. We are living in a growing city and more residents are coming from different areas to live here. Melbourne is a mixture of personalities, cultures and demographics. Crime exists in many different forms and unfortunately you can become a victim of crime if you don’t assess the threats that exist in the Lower Plenty area, and take the appropriate precautions to resolve these issues.

We have many products and services to assist you in making the right decisions about your security and also we can assist in installing these or making upgrades as required. The best option is to consult with us first and we will guide you through the process of securing your property and supporting the safety of you, your belongings, and your family.

Security doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive and we can supply simple yet effective locks that may complete your entire security project. If you are seeking more advanced strategies we can alarm systems, video records, internal safes and specialist locking devices for commercial and industrial premises.

If you have a home in the Lower Plenty we can also assist you in making some changes yourself. There are many things that you can do to increase the security of your home and deter prospective criminals for choosing your property for an attack.

Freestanding buildings need extra attention as there are many entrances and exists to consider and to protect. All windows need to be assessed for their security, including the sturdiness of the window frames, the type of glass used and locks if any are in existence. You may decide to add on window locks and also bars or window grills as appropriate. These will be more important if they are facing a street or public area such as a park or walkway.

You will also need to assess the sturdiness of your doors and door frames. Remember that doors can be easily removed from their hinges or broken down if they are not strong and safe. You may need to replace these, especially if they are old or damaged. You may also decide to add on top a security screen and change your existing locks to double dead locks, for extra protection.

If you have a garden don’t forget that you may have many items of value that you store here and that thieves can take if you don’t keep them under lock and key. Items such as children’s toys and tools are valuable and are a hassle to replace, so ensure that you have them in sheds or other outdoor storage solutions and these are protected properly with the right doors and locks.

We can supply outdoor locking devices that can adapt to different needs. We can assist you in choosing locks for fences and gates and outdoor sheds of all sizes. There is no point having a shed if you can easily access it and if it isn’t locked. If you don’t lock your shed, you are storing all of your valuables in one place, and making an easy target for passing criminals who can easily help themselves to your possessions.

Never forget our emergency locksmith service that services the Lower Plenty area. We can assist you with your security concerns at any time of the day or night. We function 24/7 and can assist you with a range of services when you need them most. Don’t wait until the morning if your building is left open, and if you are stranded outside because you have lost your keys, there is no need to do so when you can call us to come to you, and rescue you from your lock out drama.

Lockouts happen to everyone and they usually occur at the worst of times. Carry our phone number with you and we will come to your rescue at any time of the day, year or night. Lock outs don’t need to be a problem, because we are here to assist you when you need us.