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Then call TopLock now on 1300 679 979 – we’ve got locksmiths standing by to provide for your Locksmith requirements and can have someone at your home, business or vehicle in under 1 hr.

Visitors to Oakleigh will love the vibrant atmosphere that the entertainment district creates and the many cultural attractions that are available within the local area. Residents of Oakleigh will be just as impressed by the services and spirit that exists within the community. Oakleigh has many benefits as a suburb of Melbourne, however like all inner-city suburbs, you will need to consider the levels of crime that exist, and prepare yourself, your business and your family accordingly.

We are local locksmiths who work in the Oakleigh area and provide a 24/7 service for those unexpected emergencies that crop up when you least expect them. Security failures at your home or business can occur at any time, including locking your keys inside your car or building, or experiencing damage to existing security features. If you have broken locks, failed alarm systems or need to replace padlocks urgently, we are the local locksmiths to call within the Oakleigh area.

We can also assist you in securing your business, your home and yourself, for long term safety from crime. Unfortunately, while we would like to pretend crime doesn’t exist, we can’t ignore it completely. Taking care of yourself and your belongings is essential for your personal security, and as 24/7 emergency locksmiths we can assist you in selecting and installing the highest quality and most effective security products on the market.

There are also many other strategies that you can take on board yourself if you are working or living in the Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh and have a property to protect. Consider some of these issues for various building types:

  • Examine all entrances including windows and doors, and take special consideration for entrances that face onto public streets and walkways. Intruders can simply take advantage of the security failures in your home, such as damaged locks and unbarred windows. While criminals may not plan to enter your home before they walk past, they will make the most of the opportunities that you provide them simple because they are available.
  • If you live in apartment, ensure that you take your own security precautions, rather than relying only on the security provided to you by your body corporate or building management. While you may not want to think that your own neighbours could be criminals you will need to ensure that the locks on your front door are study and can’t be easily picked.
  • External buildings like sheds and garages also need protection and are often forgotten about. Gates and fences should also be assessed because if they are designed to add protection to your property they will not be of any use to you, unless they have suitable locks keeping them closed and secure.
  • Businesses and corporate operations often have different needs to residents in the Oakleigh area. If your business has expensive stock, including computers and machinery you will need to protect these with an appropriate security system that works not only against theft but damage from vandals who attempt to break into your building for their own personal amusement. Consider how much loss your business would suffer because of these occurrences, and invest accordingly in a suitable and long lasting security system.

As emergency locksmiths in Melbourne’s Oakleigh area, we can assist you in selecting the right products and systems for your residence or business. There are many options available that don’t need to be costly. When you are establishing or upgrading a security system, the price isn’t always the most important factor. If you want results and want to live and work safe, simple measures can often be the most successful, so when you give us a call don’t expect us to sell you things you don’t need. We have the interests of the local area at heart and we want to ensure that you are provided with the best system that suits you.

And most importantly, don’t forget our emergency rescue service that is ready to save you when you are stranded in the rain without your house or car keys. We understand how troublesome these situations are, and as we are local to the Oakleigh area, we can get to you as quickly as possible and ensure that your locksmith problem is solved and that you get your normal life back as soon as possible.

We are ready to help you 24/7 and we have a full range of locksmith services to ensure that you, your family, your home and your business are safe and protected, within the Oakleigh area. We love helping you out, especially in emergencies, including lock outs and failed security systems. Make the right decision today and let us help you with your important security needs.