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24 hr Emergency Locksmiths Northcote – Domestic and Commercial.
If you are locked out and need an Emergency Locksmith in Northcote Fast we guarantee we will have someone to you within 1 hour every time.

Northcote Locksmiths

What could be a more convenient and pleasant place to live than the town of Northcote, with two train lines nearby, trams in St Georges Road and a number of bus routes, along with boutiques, cafes, bars and the shopping plaza? Parks, skating facilities, play equipment centres and picnic spots, Merri Creek with its walking and cycling tracks and nearby Preston market make the area attractive to families and singles alike.

All of this convenience can also make Northcote a destination of choice for burglars. According to the RACV and Victoria Police statistics, Northcote is a high risk area for burglaries – so living in the Northcote region also means having to be extra diligent with regard to securing your home and possessions.

Northcote Home Security

Securing your home doesn’t always mean having a state of the art surveillance system. Simple and less expensive measures you can take include:

  • Installing strong locks such as deadlocks on entry doors, and locks on windows, sliding doors and your garage.
  • Not leaving valuables such as handbags, laptops or jewellery where they can be seen through a window.
  • Keeping your doors locked even when you’re home many burglars gain entry through an unlocked door.
  • Installing an alarm system and/or displaying a notice saying that your place is alarmed.
  • Installing a sensor light outside your home.
  • Putting sturdy padlocks on your gates.
  • Adding a ‘beware of dog’ sign to your gates.

If you need new locks for your Northcote home, have just relocated and need to change the locks, or you’re considering installing an alarm system, speak to one of our experts today for an obligation free quote. If you’ve recently moved to the area, jot down the number for our emergency locksmith service we’re able to come to your aid 24/7 if you lock yourself out of your home or car.

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Commercial Locksmiths in Northcote

Regardless of their particular industry, commercial buildings must take theft into account. This is especially true for retail establishments with high client activity where pricey things may be taken from a given display without your staff’s knowledge. Although employees must be aware of thieves who target establishments, there is only so much they can be expected to do whilst doing their job. It’s best that the portable and pricey things are kept in display cases to avoid shoplifting and easy pocketing of items. At TopLock, we offer Northcote businesses a variety of locks and security measures to ensure that their customers can easily see and examine items while they are still locked away.

Other unique commercial properties and industrial properties have different needs for security, and they may have some unusual items that need to be stored and protected. We have a range of locks for commercial properties including large outdoor gates and fences, roller doors and security sheds.

That’s not to say that every different property in the commercial and industrial space is going to have the same needs when it comes to their security. Rather, it just means that for every need, there are going to be several possible solutions, at if you’re a Northcote business wanting to take the next step with your security, TopLock has a full range of large outdoor gates, fences, security sheds, roller doors and more to get you protected.

Your Security

We also have access to an abundance of different systems that can be used to prevent crime. These technological-minded approaches include video systems, alarms, and more, which can be used on practically any style of property, whether that be commercial or residential. On that note, while these systems are more practical for commercial buildings, and those in the industrial sector, many savvy homeowners have taken the chance to use them for their own domestic dwellings too.

Northcote homeowners and businesses can rest assured knowing that TopLock is here to assist you. Our locksmiths work diligently to provide you with assurance and peace of mind on your property. So, if you prioritise your security, give the Northcote locksmithing specialists a call.

Our Dedication

Our emergency services are available all year, and we do not close. In other words, if you get locked out of your building, whether it’s Christmas Day or just 2am on a Saturday, we’ll have someone who can help. We always try to have someone around the local Northcote area, so if you’re in desperate trouble, you shouldn’t have to wait too long for help to arrive. That’s what it means to be a community-minded Northcote locksmith service, we’re here to support you when it feels like nobody else can.

Times can be tough, but as long as you have our number, you can find a solution. We are willing to help you get back into your home at any time of the day or night, so why not give the Northcote locksmithing specialists a call, and let TopLock help you out?

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Locksmiths Near Northcote

If you are locked out in or near Northcote, TopLock’s emergency locksmiths are never far away. We are often helping people locked out in nearby suburbs including Brunswick East, Sumner, Clifton Hill, Fitzroy North, Carlton, Thornbury, Alphington and Fairfield.