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Justin Fankhauser interviewed on 3AW’s The Big House

On July 28th 2012 Justin Fankhauser from Toplock Locksmiths appeared as a guest expert locksmith on the 3AW radio show The Big House with Bill Kusznirczuk and Darren James. He took calls and discussed various safety issues with the callers.

Here you can listen to the entire radio program:

Questions included the following discussions:

Alternatives to deadlocks

Can you get keys cut for safes?

Adding a door lock to your car

What happens to electronic locks if there is a power failure?

Using deadlocks when you’re at home

and many more. We uploaded a few versions of the recording to Youtube so you can check out individual questions or listen to the entire show in its entirety. You can find the rest of TopLock Locksmith’s videos here.