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Melbourne is a great city to live in. According to the Economic Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Ranking survey, it rates in 2011 as the second-most liveable city in the world after Vancouver. The survey ranked cities according to thirty factors within five broad categories; culture/environment, education, stability, infrastructure and healthcare.

Great things about living in Melbourne include its parks and gardens, multicultural spots, its cosmopolitan feel, a vast array of cafes and restaurants with every type of cuisine, festivals and markets, bustling ‘laneway’ culture in town, activities along the river, a mix of old and new buildings, and precincts each with their own distinctive character.

However like all cities, Melbourne has its share of crime. According to the RACV a household burglary is committed every nineteen minutes within the state of Victoria, and many of the highest risk areas for burglary are within suburbs close to the city of Melbourne such as Parkville, Carlton North, Northcote and Fitzroy. So while we live in a great city, it is essential to secure your home if you want to deter unwanted intruders.

For good home security in Melbourne it is essential to consider not only having locks that meet Australian Standards on front and back doors, but also to have secure locks on all windows to prevent an intruder from trying to enter though the windows. It is also important to consider locks on gates, deadlocks on garage doors, padlocks on sheds and a monitored alarm system. It is a good idea to have emergency numbers near your phone including Victoria Police, a reputable Melbourne locksmith, and your insurance company.

Some more steps you can take to minimise the loss include:

  • Keeping a clear view of your property from the street, to prevent intruders from finding hiding spots, and allowing neighbours to help keep an eye on your property such as when you are away.
  • Warning signs: such as ‘Beware of the Dog’ and security alarm signs.
  • Having a clear visible house number for emergency vehicles if required.
  • Clearing letterboxes and putting away empty bins so the house does not appear empty.
  • Good outside lighting including sensor lights that come one when someone enters your property.
  • Leaving some internal lights on when you go out at night. If you are going away an automatic timer to switch on internal lights is a good idea.
  • Window coverings so it is not easy to see inside your house.
  • Locking away all items which could be used for a break-in such as garden tools and equipment.
  • Not leaving valuable items visible to the outside.
  • Identification marking of valuable items such as televisions and computers.

To meet your security and locksmith needs such as deadlocks, alarm systems and lock replacements, you will need a reliable Melbourne Locksmith company. TOPLOCK Locksmiths are able to handle all aspects of domestic and commercial security within the Melbourne metropolitan region. TOPLOCK’S services include supply and fitting of locks and alarm systems, key cutting, lock repairs, rekeying, CCTVs, safes, emergency lockouts as well as automotive lock services.

To help maintain your Melbourne home security, TOPLOCK is able to supply the following services:

  • High-grade gate locks.
  • Internal latches and door locks.
  • Garage door locks to keep your garaged items secure.
  • Locks for fly-wire doors.
  • Security alarms.
  • Dead-latches and deadbolts.
  • Window locks, available in various types for different windows as well as window winders and fasteners.
  • Rekeying service, to allow all locks to work on the one key.
  • Repairs to damaged locks.

Call us today at TOPLOCK Locksmiths to speak to a consultant about your Melbourne home security needs.