Electronic Security Systems For Homes and Businesses

  Electronic Security Systems For Homes and Businesses

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Electronic Security Systems For Homes and Businesses

If you are looking for electronic security systems for home and business, these options will go beyond the basic locks and keys  . Toplock can also install state of the art electronic security systems in your home or business. Our security     system experts can service and repair your existing electronic security systems as well.

These systems give you absolute control over who gains access to your property and alert authorities via an alarm system any time an unauthorized person enters the perimeter.

Toplock’s electronic security systems also give you the ability to remotely monitor all activity within the confines of your property via closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras from any Internet connection in the world.

Our electronic security system options include:

Pin Pads and Swipe Cards – Pin pads operate off a security code that can be issued, changed or revoked at any time by system administrators, strictly controlling who has access to the property. Swipe cards work the same way, using a pass card that is swiped on the entry system to gain access. Without the code or the card, access to the property is denied.

Electronic Openers and Magnetic Locks – These types of systems can be operated remotely by security personnel in designated locations to be sure that only those who have permission to enter a restricted area gain access.

Intercoms – Intercoms can be used to communicate between secure areas to determine who is requesting access to a property and why. These are an ideal choice for homes in gated communities or businesses with large, fenced shipping or receiving yards.

CCTV – Closed-circuit television cameras can be placed in any area of your home or business to monitor all activity. These cameras can be monitored remotely via an Internet connection from any location in the world. These camera feeds can also be set to record so that, in the event of a security breech, important evidence is documented and can be turned over to authorities.

Alarms – Any time there is a real or perceived breech in security at your home or business, electronic alarms with alert authorities of the situation and let them know help is needed. Alarms can also be used to alert first responders to other situations like fires and medical emergencies.

Toplock has been providing expert installation and servicing of electronic security systems in the Greater Melbourne area, including the suburbs of Carlton, Fitzroy, Preston and Northcote, for more than a decade.

To find out more about how Toplock can help secure your home or business, too – give us a call at 1300 679 979.




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