Downsizing Your Keyrings

Too many keys


Keys are one of the most commonly misplaced items. This may because we have so many to keep up with. On average, most people have about five keys on their key ring. One for their car, one for their car doors and trunk, one for the front door of their home, one for the back door of their home and another for place of employment.

Other people may be carrying around additional keys for boats, ATVs, storage units, sheds, extra vehicles, work vehicles, safety deposit boxes, mail boxes and more!

That’s a lot of keys.

The good news is you there are ways to downsize your keyring and make keeping up with all those keys more manageable.

A great way to downsize your keyring is to change or rekey all the locks in your home to fit one master key. Your front door, back door, patio door and/or outbuildings can all be switched over to this one key system, allowing you to rid yourself of the hassle of keeping up with three or four separate keys and fumbling to find the correct key when you need it. You can either do this yourself or look for locksmith services in Northcote to change them for you.

This one key system is also a great choice for businesses as well, in situations where multiple people need access to a particular area or unit of the property without having to wait for the main key holder to show up and provide that access.

Usually, all the locks can be left in place and simply retrofitted or rekeyed to fit a new key. However, changing all the locks to one standard kind or brand may be required. Either way, it’s a simple process that saves you the headache of replacing several different keys in the event that you ever lose your keyring.

If you are wondering whether a one key system is right for your home or business, we are here to help. Toplock provides rekeying and other locksmith services in Northcote and surrounding areas and provides definitive solutions for all your lock and key needs. Call us at 1300 679 979 to discuss your options today.

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