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Then call TopLock now on 1300 679 979 – we’ve got locksmiths standing by to provide for your Caulfield Locksmith requirements and can have someone at your home, business or vehicle in under 1 hr.

Our emergency 24/7 locksmith service caters to the Caulfield area of Melbourne and also the surrounding suburbs. The area has a number of different needs in security and locks, as it contains establishments such as the university and racecourse, and there are also many cafes and retail outlets that have their own requirements. We can also help you at home, if you are a resident in the Caulfield area, and protect you and or your family from crime that exists in the city of Melbourne.

Our services include an emergency service, which involves us meeting your needs throughout the day, and also the night. We are available with our locksmith service in Caulfield on any day of the week and any day of the year. We operate with professionalism and enthusiasm 24/7 and we can assist you with issues such as lock outs from cars and homes, damaged security systems and failed security systems.

As Caulfield is a suburb that has many people passing through, coming and going from the area, they often do so in a rush or are distracted by other things. This means that locking their keys in their car happens more than it may in other areas. It is usually when we are at our busiest that we make mistakes such as this, and lock outs usually happen at the times when we need to be somewhere quickly, or we are returning home late at night, and just want to be in bed.

Our emergency locksmith service is prompt and convenient, because we know the Caulfield area so well. We are able to get to you quickly, wherever you are located, because we know the streets and the buildings, and aren’t located too far away ourselves. You can call us at any time, and we will answer and won’t be disturbed. We will be ready to help you, with any of your emergency locksmith requirements.

We can also assist with helping you upgrade your work or home security system. This may include changing the locks to prevent access by people who may still have the keys. This process is very important if you are moving into a new property, as you can’t be assured of the history of it, and who has the keys still. A quick change of locks can solve that problem, and our locksmiths can also advise you on the best ones to choose for your building.

All doors are different and the situations are different. We have access to a vast range of lock styles, that vary in affordability, aesthetics and level of security protection. We have double dead locks, combination locks, locks for safes and internal storage devices, and locks for external gates and sheds. We can fit display cabinets and commercial storage devices and can help you make the right choice in locks for your job.

Other systems in security, that we can provide in the Caulfield area include alarm and video monitoring systems. We can use advanced technology to improve the security of your home or protect your business’s most valuable assets. Simple systems can help you plan for the future and reduce the risks associated with crime in the Caulfield area.

Call us today, for emergency locksmiths who can assist you with your Melbourne security needs. We work 24/7 and we are always open and in service.