Window Grills and Shutters – securing your home

Window grills are becoming more and more popular for residential use. They have been present on commercial businesses for years, but they are now available in attractive designs that go way beyond the old standard square block tubing of yesteryear. Grills are now handmade in modern and federation styles and designed in different colours and […]

Windows – the easy way into your home

Okay, you’ve got your doors nice and secure. Nobody will break into your home now, right? Wrong. Case in point. I was called in to secure a home that had been broken into. When I arrived at the inner city residence, the homeowners were obviously upset. The house had been turned upside down. The burglars […]

Deadlatches and Deadbolts

Did you know that most insurance companies now require that you put one of these on all doors and windows in order to receive full insurance coverage? This is a deadlatch: There is a difference between a deadlatch and a deadbolt. Simply stated, a deadlatch locks automatically when you close the door. You can insert […]

Security Doors – A burglars Nightmare

So far, we’ve been talking about standard doors, the kind that are most commonly found for the front of your home. There are, however, special doors that you can purchase, and we’ll refer to these as security doors. They are often made of metal and may resemble what some refer to as a flyscreen door. […]

The First step in Home Security – Secure your Doors

We’ll talk about doors first because, well, obviously if a burglar can’t get into your home they are doomed from the start. Doors or windows, it’s much the same, but when most people think of “how do I get in?” they think of a door first. The story I am about to tell you is […]

Beware of Locksmith Scammers

Locksmith scams are more of an issue in America, but it doesn’t mean Australians shouldn’t be careful too.  Some of these scams include: • Significantly overcharging customers• Charging for unnecessary services. All good Locksmiths will charge a call out fee, which covers travel and the wages for the worker, if they do not charge a […]

Adding perspex, locks and a door closer to a gate for maximum security.

Having locks on the doors and windows of your house or business is definitely a good idea to keep your property secure, sometimes people overlook other entrances such as your gates. The gate to your property can be quite easy access for burglars as a lot of people have a habit of leaving them unlocked for convenience. […]

The Importance of Rekeying Your New Premises

With today’s constant turnover of houses, flats and businesses it’s important to rekey or change the existing key to a new code. This ensures that the old key doesn’t work anymore. A lot of people say why, I know the old owners ,but do you know who has had the keys to that property, i.e. […]

Top places to check for when you’ve lost your keys:

A few months ago we asked the TopLock Locksmiths Facebook page members where they usually find their keys and some of the weirder places they have left them. If you regularly lose your keys check out this list and familiarise yourself with likely places you or someone else may have left them! Bedside table, dressing […]