Electronic Security Systems For Homes and Businesses

  Electronic Security Systems For Homes and Businesses

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Electronic Security Systems For Homes and Businesses

If you are looking for electronic security systems for home and business, these options will go beyond the basic locks and keys  . Toplock can also install state of the art electronic security systems in your home or business. Our security     system experts can service and repair your existing electronic security systems as well.

These systems give you absolute control over who gains access to your property and alert authorities via an alarm system any time an unauthorized person enters the perimeter.

Toplock’s electronic security systems also give you the ability to remotely monitor all activity within the confines of your property via closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras from any Internet connection in the world.

Our electronic security system options include:

Pin Pads and Swipe Cards – Pin pads operate off a security code that can be issued, changed or revoked at any time by system administrators, strictly controlling who has access to the property. Swipe cards work the same way, using a pass card that is swiped on the entry system to gain access. Without the code or the card, access to the property is denied.

Electronic Openers and Magnetic Locks – These types of systems can be operated remotely by security personnel in designated locations to be sure that only those who have permission to enter a restricted area gain access.

Intercoms – Intercoms can be used to communicate between secure areas to determine who is requesting access to a property and why. These are an ideal choice for homes in gated communities or businesses with large, fenced shipping or receiving yards.

CCTV – Closed-circuit television cameras can be placed in any area of your home or business to monitor all activity. These cameras can be monitored remotely via an Internet connection from any location in the world. These camera feeds can also be set to record so that, in the event of a security breech, important evidence is documented and can be turned over to authorities.

Alarms – Any time there is a real or perceived breech in security at your home or business, electronic alarms with alert authorities of the situation and let them know help is needed. Alarms can also be used to alert first responders to other situations like fires and medical emergencies.

Toplock has been providing expert installation and servicing of electronic security systems in the Greater Melbourne area, including the suburbs of Carlton, Fitzroy, Preston and Northcote, for more than a decade.

To find out more about how Toplock can help secure your home or business, too – give us a call at 1300 679 979.




What To Look For When Hiring A Locksmith in Melbourne

When people find themselves in need of a locksmith, the situation is usually urgent, which doesn’t allow for a lot of time to shop around. Most clients looking for a locksmith in Melbourne do so while stranded outside of their homes, businesses or cars and are all too happy to accept the first bid from the first person who promises to come to their aide. However, this can be a costly mistake.

Not all locksmiths are created equal. Some lack not only the experience to deal with certain sensitive situations, but also the credentials and licensing needed to conduct their business as well. When you do not take the time to thoroughly vet a locksmith, you could run into all kinds of problems and find yourself without recourse to fall back on.

Don’t worry. TopLock Locksmiths can help you with that, too. We’re going to show you a few things you should look for in a locksmith before deciding to employ their services.


The first thing you shMaster Locksmith Association approvedould know about a locksmith company before you hire them is whether they are licensed, bonded and insured to be operating their business. Don’t be afraid to ask for their licensing number and insurance information and don’t be afraid to verify it. A valid license means they have followed the correct protocols for operating a business and were found reputable. A valid insurance policy means you and your property will be protected against damages incurred by the company while performing their service.


It’s always a good idea to deal with a locksmith company that someone you know has dealt with before. Ask around and see if anyone can refer you to a reputable company. Only trust the opinions and recommendations of a neutral third party. Otherwise, it could be a paid reference employed by the company to drum up business. On the other hand, bad feedback is just as helpful as good feedback. If many different people have had bad experiences with the same company, consider it a red warning flag and move on to the next one on the list.

No hidden feesExpanded Services and Hidden Fees

Of course, the more involved a locksmith job is, the more its going to cost. However, there are many other variables that you should be aware of before deciding to hire a locksmith. Two of the most common fee hikes stem from a locksmith traveling outside of their normal service area and answering service calls after hours or on holidays. If you’re traveling and need a locksmith in Melbourne or any other city, choose one that’s located within the city where the services are needed. The farther they travel, the more the call is going to cost. Don’t forget to ask when their ‘normal hours’ end and their ’emergency service hours’ begin to avoid any surprises on your bill.

The best advice about choosing a locksmith would be to choose one before you need them. That way you give yourself time to compare prices and services of various companies and to gather as much information about them as you can. Keeping this information handy in case of a locksmith emergency alleviates the stress (and possibly the extra cost) of having to choose one on the spot.

Door kicked in – back lane access in Melbourne CBD

We attended a Melbourne CBD break-in this week that provided a good example of why your home security is only as strong as its weakest link. The occupants were only 5 doors down at their local having a game of pool and a beer whilst they were burgled. No one heard or saw a thing. This is how the burglary probably went down.

  • Burglar comes casing the area and finds a street with back lane access.
  • Burglar comes around the front, presses our new clients doorbell. No answer – he assumes no one is home.
  • The front door is solid and deadlocked, the front windows are barred. Our thief is undeterred, he is going in through the back anyway.
  • Our thief jumps the back fence as the gate is chained shut. Once over the fence he cuts the chain with a pair of bolt cutters so he can exit quickly with heavy items if necessary.
  • The back door is NOT deadlocked, in fact, for some reason it’s not even a solid door! An internal door has been used instead. Internal doors are hollow, the hinges are small and weak, a quick kick will quickly open or break one.
  • He was inside in seconds, hit the jackpot with a new TV still in its box in the loungeroom, he picked it up and legged it.

What to learn from this?

  • Whilst it’s human nature to strengthen your front of house security it’s invariably the back of the house where most thieves enter. Your home security strategy should be focused at the rear.
  • If like many Melbourne properties you have a back lane, understand you are at greater risk of burglary than properties without a back lane. They provide cover and access to burglars.
  • Even if your back door is deadlocked and solid a would be thief is still going to gain entry fairly easily if they are determined. A security door and screens make a huge difference.
  • Get creative! With home surveillance systems now very affordable you can set up a motion detection activated system that :-
    • Records all access to the back of your property.
    • Turns the lights on when it detects anyone.
    • If you wanted to get REALLY creative you could set up a motion detector to play a message when it detects someone at your back door. How about. “Hi THERE! My name’s Jack, and I’ll be your home security system for this evening. Welcome to the back door. Please smile for the security camera which is recording your current activities. I have alerted my owner of your presence and am currently live streaming this video to his Ipad. Please state your name clearly for the record for when he hands the video over to the police, or loads it to YouTube. Or perhaps just turn around now, and cut your losses”

Melbourne’s CBD Locksmith

TopLock Locksmiths are giving away a free night at ALT Tower Serviced Apartments

ALT Tower Serviced Apartments are a big client of TopLock Locksmiths, they have kindly donated a free night for one of our lucky Facebook fans.

Win a night at ALT Tower Serviced Apartments

You win 1 Night in a 2 Bedroom Luxory apartment (1 queen bed, 1 double bed, so you can bring up to 4 people) valued at $275.

Apartments are full self-contained with complimentary free WiFi and parking for 1 vehicle with complimentary late checkout at 11am.

The rooms also feature spectacular views, modern décor, full kitchen and laundry facilities, LCD TV/DVD Player, IPod Docking Station and reverse cycle air conditioning.

It is about a $13 taxi away from the city with trams and trains nearby, not far from the Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne Zoo, Hospitals and Lygon street restaurants and Docklands so you’ll have no problem finding something to do nearby.

Make sure you read the full terms and conditions for all the rules and tips on how to improve your chances of winning (eg. sharing with friends)

You can enter the contest on the Toplock Locksmiths Facebook Page by clicking the tab or directly from clicking here to enter via computer or mobile device. 

Easter Competition!

This Easter TopLock Locksmiths are running an Easter Sweepstakes contest on Facebook! You can enter it here: http://a.pgtb.me/HX3rQ3

The prize includes $150 worth of Cadbury Easter chocolates including:

2 x 700g Dairy Milk Chocolate hollow eggs (really big ones)

1 x 250g Dairy Milk hollow egg + solid eggs

1 x 300g Dairy Milk chocolate hollow egg + rabbit

2 x 250g carton of 15 small Dairy Milk chocolate hollow eggs

1 x 160g Eggosaurus Carton of Dairy Milk chocolate mini eggs with mini eggs inside them

1 x 254g Cherry Ripe box with Dairy Milk chocolate hollow egg and two Cherry Ripe bars

1 x 260g Cadbury Favourite Dairy Milk chocolate hollow egg + Cadbury Favourites chocolate miniatures

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1 x 230g Cadbury Crunchie egg carton

That’s over 3.5kg of chocolate and cost $151 to purchase from Kmart.

All you have to do is enter the contest via your Facebook account and fill out the form and make sure you are willing to collect it from our office at 22/148 Arthurton Rd, Northcote VIC 3070 before Good Friday 2013.

Tip for winning:  If you share your unique code it gives you at the end and other people enter via that code, it will duplicate your entry once per person that enters from it. Help your chances of winning by sharing it / inviting people!


Winner of TopLock’s iPad Giveaway

Last year we gave away an iPad to one of our Facebook fans, hundreds of people entered our contest and it was our biggest and best contest so far, hopefully we will beat it one day!

Here’s a collection of photos from the TopLock Locksmiths Facebook Page that we used promoting our contest that were taken by our social media guy Keith. He put in a lot of effort to make sure this contest complied with Facebook’s terms and conditions for contests, (using a contest app) and following Victorian state laws for contest sweepstakes guidelines.

 toplock locksmiths ipad contest  TopLock Locksmith Melbourne iPad Contest  toplock ipad contest pic

Here’s our initial promotional pictures for the contest including one with Justin Fankhauser our Director and then some pictures of the prize. As there have been many iPad scams online, we wanted to post pictures with Justin and our logo with the actual prize to make sure people knew our contest was legitimate. When people use generic pictures for contests it it can set off alarm bells to some people.

Facebook contest  for iPhone


We initially didn’t have our Facebook contest app set up for mobile entries and we had a few people complain that they couldn’t access it via their phones so Keith fixed that up and we used this image to promote our mobile entries.



 TopLock iPad competition 7 days to go  TopLock iPad competition 6 days to go TopLock iPad competition 5 days to go  TopLock iPad competition 3 days to go 

Leading up to the end of the contest we had these countdown pictures taken around the TopLock office.

 Image of our TopLock Director as Pop Star Rihanna  TopLock Locksmith's iPad Competition  TopLock Locksmith's iPad competition

As a bit of fun we made this picture of Justin with pop singer Rihanna’s hair and with our contest ending around the time of the Melbourne Cup and the elections in the USA (that Obama won) we decided to mention those in context of winning our contest.

 TopLock Locksmiths' iPad competition winner announced  TopLock Locksmith's iPad competition winner

We used the picture on the left to announce the winner of our iPad competition after having contacted her via phone to confirm her details (to make sure she was a real person). As per the contest conditions we asked Nicole to come in and collect the prize in person. This is the photo on the right of her collecting the prize with Justin so our fans could see the contest come full circle.