Justin on Channel 7’s Sunrise Program

Justin Fankhauser from TopLock Locksmiths was interviewed live on Channel 7’s popular morning program Sunrise on Monday October 7th to promote his new book Confessions of a Locksmith. Below Larry Emdur and Samantha Armytage have Justin live from Northcote Melbourne talking about locksmiths and home security. 

 sunrise 2

This was a really exciting interview for Justin, definitely worth getting up super early in the morning for!

sunrise 3

Here is Justin pointing out some home security weak spots on a house in Eltham. He goes around the house giving tips on what could be improved to make the house harder to break into.

Confessions of a Locksmith on Sunrise

Above is a nice presentation of the book. 

You can watch the whole video here on the Sunrise website or on our YouTube page

TopLock Locksmiths in the Herald Sun / Northcote Leader


Northcote Locksmith puts out book

Here’s a link to an article about Justin and his new book Confession of a Locksmith – An Insider’s Guide to Securing Your Home and Business that was published on the Herald Sun website which hosts articles from the Northcote Leader newspaper. The article is by Julia Irwin and was published on October 2nd 2013.

Justin Fankhauser is a resident of Northcote, and operates his Locksmith business TopLock Locksmiths from there but has 4 vans on the road servicing all around Melbourne. 


TopLock Locksmiths on news.com.au

Melbourne Locksmith Justin Fankhauser from TopLock Locksmiths has been popping up all through the media lately, booked in for dozens of appearances in newspapers, radio shows, online and even on TV. He is booked all through October and November talking about security tips and promoting his new book Confessions of a Locksmith – An Insider’s Guide to Securing Your Home and Business. The first big place he seems to have popped up on was News.com.au where he made the home page! Check out the article Confessions of a Locksmith author Justin Fankhauser dishes the dirt on his job and enjoy this screenshot of the home page of the site! Obviously that article isn’t here now, but luckily we managed to get a screenshot!


Confessions of a Locksmith book available now!

Confessions of a locksmith

TopLock Locksmiths are proud to present our new book Confessions of a Locksmith – An Insider’s Guide to Securing Your Home and Business is now available for order. The prices are $4.95 AUD for a digital copy of the book and $12.95 AUD with free post within Australia and $5 extra for postage overseas. 

The book is by Northcote Locksmith Justin Fankhauser who has been a locksmith around Melbourne for over 10 years and gives his personal insight into the industry and tips for securing your own house or property. He has a few media interviews booked in, will post links to all those once they are ready! 

You can order it from here


Most burgled towns in Victoria

Below is a table of the most robbed houses in Victoria, these statistics come from the RACV website. The statistics are based on data from 2011 and 2012 and represent how many houses get broken into per year. These statistics are quite concerning and sound too frequent to be true. At TopLock Locksmiths we specialise in minimising your likelihood of being robbed by installing sufficient locks on your doors and windows. We also install alarm systems as we find that most houses who do get burgled don’t have these.  

 No. Suburb  Burglary Rate
1 Williams Landing 1 in 15
2 Ardeer 1 in 16
3 Mernda/Doreen 1 in 19
4 Wyndham Vale / Mambourin / Mount Cottrell 1 in 23
5 Parkville 1 in 23
6 Braybrook 1 in 29
7 Hoppers Crossing / Truganina / Tarneit 1 in 30
8 Broadmeadows / Dallas 1 in 31
9 Melton South / Exford 1 in 32
10 Sunshine / Albion 1 in 32
11 Heidelberg West / Heidelberg Heights 1 in 32
12 Deer Park/Caroline Springs / Cairnlea 1 in 32
13 St Albans / Kealba / Kings Park 1 in 33
14 Clayton / Clayton North 1 in 34
15 Lalor 1 in 34
16 Carlton North / Princes Hill 1 in 35
17 Melton, Kurunjang / Toolern Vale 1 in 36
18 Corio / Norlane / North Shore 1 in 37
19 Reservoir 1 in 37
20 Werribee / Point Cook 1 in 37
21 Lyndhurst / Lynbrook 1 in 38
22 Mildura 1 in 38
23 Robinvale 1 in 39
24 Delahey / Hillside / Taylors Hill / Sydenham 1 in 41
25 Narre Warren North / Narre Warren East 1 in 41
26 Thomastown 1 in 41
27 Shepparton / Branditt 1 in 42
28 Epping 1 in 42
29 Morwell / Driffield 1 in 42
30 Abbotsford 1 in 42
31 North Melbourne 1 in 43
32 Wendouree 1 in 43
33 Sale / Wurruk 1 in 43
34 Footscray West / Maidstone 1 in 43
35 Fitzroy 1 in 44
36 Glenroy / Oak Park / Hadfield 1 in 44
37 Montgomery / Darriman 1 in 46
38 South Morang 1 in 46
39 Footscray 1 in 47
40 Delacombe 1 in 47

Box Hill Criminal Investigation Unit

Due to the large amount of burglaries and car thefts in the Box Hill (Whitehorse) area, a new policing unit has been created to target repeat offenders. So far the unit has made 12 arrests in just two weeks such as a Mt Waverley youth who was doing burnouts in the Burwood area. 

It’s great that they’ve had such a huge impact in such little time. You can read more about it here. We still suggest people in that area contact a locksmith or security expert to ensure that your home is as secure as possible. If you live around Box Hill or anywhere around Melbourne do not hesitate to call Toplock Locksmiths for all your home security needs. 

Tradies keep your vehicles secured!

If you are a trade person, there’s a good chance you keep your tools in your van, station wagon or ute. You probably even have some kind of branding on your vehicle that advertises your trade on it, this could make you a target for thieves.

Here’s a list of ideas to help prevent getting your tools stolen:

  • Park in a garage or somewhere away from street view to prevent the vehicle from being noticed.
  • Have locks installed on all your canopies and doors on the vehicle. A canopy can be installed onto most ute’s and is a good way to secure your tools. You may want to get one with without windows so no one can look in and see your valuables.
  • Have a locked box installed and  secured inside your vehicle so that if anyone does break in, the expensive tools are still difficult to find or remove.
  • Alarm with sensors in the windows should be installed, windows are an easy entry point for car break-ins.

The money spent on securing your vehicle and its contents is worth the investment  because as any Tradie knows, your tools are not only expensive, but the time lost in getting your car fixed, replacing the tools and possibly saving up money to replace them will eat into your regular work time and could be a financial disaster for you. 

Our work in Melbourne’s High Density Areas

The most popular areas for our Locksmith services are high density areas such as Carlton, Preston, Flemington, St Kilda, Melbourne CBD , Toorak and South Yarra. These areas have far more people in them for their size compared to physically larger areas due to all the apartment buildings in those suburbs.

Apartments are very popular rental properties so landlords and real estate agents are always hiring locksmiths to come and rekey the locks whenever a new tenant moves in. Many apartment buildings (as well as office buildings) will use a restricted key system, which are made by a particular locksmith and can only be duplicated by them. The locksmith will keep a copy of each key on file and only that locksmith is allowed to duplicate them with approval of the signatory who issued the installation. This means that there is little risk of someone breaking into a property they had previously rented.

Locksmiths are not allowed to cut a restricted key that has been made by another locksmith, the signatory who issued the key is the only person allowed to request a new key to be made. 

Restricted keys are one of the many services provided by TopLock Locksmiths, if you manage properties in a high density area near Melbourne such as CarltonPreston or the others mentioned earlier, please contact us! 1300 679 979.

Dandenong robberies, burglary and extortion – Five arrested.

Five men have been arrested in Dandenong relating to a series of aggravated burglaries, armed robberies, extortion and drug trafficking in the Melbourne’s east. As well as those arrests, various items were seized including a dune buggy, a go-kart, firearms, ammunition and three motorcycles. 

We’re glad to hear that those people are off the streets!

Read the full story here on the Age website. 

“Love Locks” appearing on the Yarra Footbridge

For the past month or so, padlocks with the initials or names of Melbourne couples have been appearing on the cables of the Yarra footbridge at Southgate. This symbolic gesture of love involves a couple writing or engraving their names on a padlock and locking it to the railing then you throw the key into the river. This trend has been popular throughout Europe since the early 2000s. 

Whether these locks will be allowed to stay on the bridge is uncertain  as there is a possibility that cheap locks may rust and cause damage to the bridge. This has been an issue elsewhere, so it is currently under review by the engineering team of the bridge as to whether or not they will be removed or not.

Read the full story on the Age website.