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Then call TopLock now on 1300 679 979 – we’ve got locksmiths standing by to provide for your Briar Hill Locksmith requirements and can have someone at your home, business or vehicle in under 1 hr.

We love working in the Briar Hill area of Melbourne. The community feel is fantastic and there are some amazing people and businesses who use our services. As emergency locksmiths we assist a huge range of individuals, families and commercial outlets ensure that their security is up to scratch and tough against crime that exists in the city of Melbourne.

We also provide an emergency locksmith service which means we are ready to go and waiting for your call the next time you have a problem with your locks, or you have lost your keys. We often get calls, even at early hours of the morning, when people have left their keys in their car or their home, or lost them altogether.

We love the satisfaction we can provide for our clients as they feel the relief that comes from the ability to get back into their homes, or drive away in their car. These can be awkward times, but as we are available in the local area of Briar Hill we can be there to help you quickly and without any delay.

We also know the local buildings well, and the streets of the Briar Hill area. We can use our local knowledge to find you and send one of our locksmiths to your home, office or vehicle quickly and efficiently. Our service is always professional and we are always dedicated to doing the best job we can, and leaving our clients satisfied. Hopefully you don’t have to call us too many times because of a lock out, but if you need us, we will be there when you call. Our service never closes and we are ready to help at all hours of the day. We operate 24/7 as emergency locksmiths within Briar Hill and surrounding areas.

In addition to lock outs, we can assist your home or your business with general security needs. All buildings are different and have varying entrances and exits that need protecting against intruders. When assessing the security of an entrance or exit, ensure that you check out the door and window frames and hinges. Ask yourself, can these be broken down or can the doors be taken off the hinges?

What about the windows? Could an intruder quickly and quietly smash one of these to gain access to your property? Could they simply open a window, because there isn’t a strong enough lock on there. The security in older properties can sometimes fail the new strategies uses by criminals, and also over time locks and other security devices can become damaged or broken.

If you own a residential property with a backyard, you will also need to look after the items that you keep in it. Although you may not consider some of these to be valuables, items such as tools, sporting goods and children’s toys can be very expensive to replace. You may have invested a lot of money into these items over time, and not even realise the commitment you’ve made, or how much they could cost if they were stolen. Items such as these are often left lying around in home gardens, or stored in sheds that don’t have adequate security.

Think smart about your outdoor equipment. Store it safely and place good locks on all your sheds, garages and gates. Also think about your car. How safe is it? You may have it stored inside a garage, but if an intruder could gain access to that garage, then your car is open for theft. Talk with us about the many solutions we have, including specialist locks. As emergency locksmiths in the Briar Hill area, we are dedicated to keeping this suburb safe and secure.