Justin Fankhauser interviewed on 3AW’s The Big House

On July 28th 2012 Justin Fankhauser from Toplock Locksmiths appeared as a guest expert locksmith on the 3AW radio show The Big House with Bill Kusznirczuk and Darren James. He took calls and discussed various safety issues with the callers.

Here you can listen to the entire radio program:

Questions included the following discussions:

Alternatives to deadlocks

Can you get keys cut for safes?

Adding a door lock to your car

What happens to electronic locks if there is a power failure?

Using deadlocks when you’re at home

and many more. We uploaded a few versions of the recording to Youtube so you can check out individual questions or listen to the entire show in its entirety. You can find the rest of TopLock Locksmith’s videos here.

The Importance of Rekeying Your New Premises

With today’s constant turnover of houses, flats and businesses it’s important to rekey or change the existing key to a new code. This ensures that the old key doesn’t work anymore. A lot of people say why, I know the old owners ,but do you know who has had the keys to that property, i.e. cleaners, builders, kids, friends.

We have rekeyed a lot of properties where they have been robed with no sign of break and enter. In other words we know someone has used a key to get in. It’s hard to explain to the police and insurance companies this has happened without some suspicion.

It’s an exciting time to move into a new premises either a house, flat or business, you take great importance on who does the move (we recommend the Mini Movers) and also getting the phone and power connected, getting insurances and also making some updates inside the property to make it your own, but rekeying is the most important thing you can do before moving in by far it’s a cost effective way of doing this without the expense of replacing the lock.

At Toplock Locksmiths we come out on site and do this in no time, we have fully qualified and uniformed locksmiths to do this for you 24/7.

We are fully insured and we are a full member of the MLA (Master Locksmiths of Australasia).

Please ring us on 1300679979 or check out our website on www.toplock.net.au for further information.

By Justin Fankhauser, owner of Toplock Locksmiths

Top places to check for when you’ve lost your keys:

A few months ago we asked the TopLock Locksmiths Facebook page members where they usually find their keys and some of the weirder places they have left them. If you regularly lose your keys check out this list and familiarise yourself with likely places you or someone else may have left them!

  • Bedside table, dressing table, on your bed somewhere, floor next to bed.
  • Kitchen table, bench, on top of or near fridge.
  • In pocket of jackets, pants, other clothes that you have worn recently
  • In the pockets of what you are currently wearing.
  • In the front door / other doors you have unlocked recently.
  • In the car ignition or on driver’s seat.
  • In the bathroom near toilet or sink.
  • Handbag or man bag
  • Near your computer
  • If you’ve been doing anything out of the ordinary lately, like crawling around in the roof or gardening, they may have fallen out of your pocket there. 
  • On the couch or coffee table
  • Near wherever your mobile phone is charging or your wallet.
  • On a key rack / hook / communal key location in your house, someone else may have found them and put them there for you.
  • If you’ve gone for a jog, you may have taken your key off the keyring and taken it with you or hidden it somewhere.
  • On the floor outside your house or near your car.

Easter Competition!

This Easter TopLock Locksmiths are running an Easter Sweepstakes contest on Facebook! You can enter it here: http://a.pgtb.me/HX3rQ3

The prize includes $150 worth of Cadbury Easter chocolates including:

2 x 700g Dairy Milk Chocolate hollow eggs (really big ones)

1 x 250g Dairy Milk hollow egg + solid eggs

1 x 300g Dairy Milk chocolate hollow egg + rabbit

2 x 250g carton of 15 small Dairy Milk chocolate hollow eggs

1 x 160g Eggosaurus Carton of Dairy Milk chocolate mini eggs with mini eggs inside them

1 x 254g Cherry Ripe box with Dairy Milk chocolate hollow egg and two Cherry Ripe bars

1 x 260g Cadbury Favourite Dairy Milk chocolate hollow egg + Cadbury Favourites chocolate miniatures

1 x 230g Freddo & Friends box with Dairy Milk chocolate hollow egg + a selection of 5 Freddo and 1 Caramello Koala + treat size chocolates

1 x 230g Cadbury Crunchie egg carton

That’s over 3.5kg of chocolate and cost $151 to purchase from Kmart.

All you have to do is enter the contest via your Facebook account and fill out the form and make sure you are willing to collect it from our office at 22/148 Arthurton Rd, Northcote VIC 3070 before Good Friday 2013.

Tip for winning:  If you share your unique code it gives you at the end and other people enter via that code, it will duplicate your entry once per person that enters from it. Help your chances of winning by sharing it / inviting people!


Winner of TopLock’s iPad Giveaway

Last year we gave away an iPad to one of our Facebook fans, hundreds of people entered our contest and it was our biggest and best contest so far, hopefully we will beat it one day!

Here’s a collection of photos from the TopLock Locksmiths Facebook Page that we used promoting our contest that were taken by our social media guy Keith. He put in a lot of effort to make sure this contest complied with Facebook’s terms and conditions for contests, (using a contest app) and following Victorian state laws for contest sweepstakes guidelines.

 toplock locksmiths ipad contest  TopLock Locksmith Melbourne iPad Contest  toplock ipad contest pic

Here’s our initial promotional pictures for the contest including one with Justin Fankhauser our Director and then some pictures of the prize. As there have been many iPad scams online, we wanted to post pictures with Justin and our logo with the actual prize to make sure people knew our contest was legitimate. When people use generic pictures for contests it it can set off alarm bells to some people.

Facebook contest  for iPhone


We initially didn’t have our Facebook contest app set up for mobile entries and we had a few people complain that they couldn’t access it via their phones so Keith fixed that up and we used this image to promote our mobile entries.



 TopLock iPad competition 7 days to go  TopLock iPad competition 6 days to go TopLock iPad competition 5 days to go  TopLock iPad competition 3 days to go 

Leading up to the end of the contest we had these countdown pictures taken around the TopLock office.

 Image of our TopLock Director as Pop Star Rihanna  TopLock Locksmith's iPad Competition  TopLock Locksmith's iPad competition

As a bit of fun we made this picture of Justin with pop singer Rihanna’s hair and with our contest ending around the time of the Melbourne Cup and the elections in the USA (that Obama won) we decided to mention those in context of winning our contest.

 TopLock Locksmiths' iPad competition winner announced  TopLock Locksmith's iPad competition winner

We used the picture on the left to announce the winner of our iPad competition after having contacted her via phone to confirm her details (to make sure she was a real person). As per the contest conditions we asked Nicole to come in and collect the prize in person. This is the photo on the right of her collecting the prize with Justin so our fans could see the contest come full circle.