Eviction in Richmond went smoothly

One of our locksmiths Sean did an eviction in Richmond on Saturday with the local sheriff and police present. This had been organised by Nelson Alexander real estate agents who were also present. He changed 5 locks so that the keys of the people being evicted will no longer work. This is done so that if they happen to have made duplicates of the keys, they cannot return at a later date for any reason.

Richmond is a high density rental area near Melbourne so we do lot of similar locksmith jobs for rental properties in the Richmond area. If you own a rental property, it is best to have a real estate agent manage it so that if an eviction is necessary, they can organise for the appropriate people to be present to ensure it all goes smoothly and without incident. 

Dandenong robberies, burglary and extortion – Five arrested.

Five men have been arrested in Dandenong relating to a series of aggravated burglaries, armed robberies, extortion and drug trafficking in the Melbourne’s east. As well as those arrests, various items were seized including a dune buggy, a go-kart, firearms, ammunition and three motorcycles. 

We’re glad to hear that those people are off the streets!

Read the full story here on the Age website. 

“Love Locks” appearing on the Yarra Footbridge

For the past month or so, padlocks with the initials or names of Melbourne couples have been appearing on the cables of the Yarra footbridge at Southgate. This symbolic gesture of love involves a couple writing or engraving their names on a padlock and locking it to the railing then you throw the key into the river. This trend has been popular throughout Europe since the early 2000s. 

Whether these locks will be allowed to stay on the bridge is uncertain  as there is a possibility that cheap locks may rust and cause damage to the bridge. This has been an issue elsewhere, so it is currently under review by the engineering team of the bridge as to whether or not they will be removed or not.

Read the full story on the Age website. 

Less than a week to go until our ALT Tower contest is drawn!


You have less than a week to go on our contest to win a night away at ALT Tower Serviced Apartments. We’ve had over 240 entries so far, and expect more to come in as word gets around with now only one week till the draw. With all that Melbourne has to offer, you can always catch a Football Game, attend the Theatre, enjoy a Concert or take your family to the Melbourne Zoo, the ideas are endless.  You can see our original post here which has a link to the contest at the bottom of it. 

$440,000 stolen from Melbourne banks by a mother and two sons

It is alleged that Tina Lomacchio and her two sons Rocco, Gaetano and their friend Rocky Bornino stole $440,000 in cash from the Niddrie branch of Westpac Bank where Rocco was employed in April 2012. 

Rocco led Rocky who was dressed as an Armaguard employee to the secure room of the bank and handed over the cash in front of the branch manager. Gaetano waited outside the bank also in a fake uniform whilst their mother was the getaway driver.

When the real Armaguard staff arrived a few hours later, Rocco told them it had already been collected and neither the bank or Armaguard noticed the money missing for three months. 

They tried again at another Westpac in Broadmeadows but failed to get the $663,000 they were after when they failed to produce identification and they escaped when they said they would return to get it from their car. 

They also tried several other similar robberies. They will appear in court later this year. Read the full story here

16 year-old begs for early release from youth detention

A 16 year-old boy from Queensland who had been sentenced to a six-month youth detention is getting released after only 32 days because he wasn’t enjoying it. After the reality of his detention set in his tough guy attitude disappeared and he pleaded for an early release. 

His list of offences over the years includes: 

  • Yelling abuse and squirting detergent from a vehicle. 
  • Using a stolen credit card at McDonald’s, a petrol station and a supermarket.
  • Trespassing
  • Assaulting police
  • Attempted break-ins
  • and more

Hopefully his inability to cope with youth detention has been enough to set this boy straight as he will no doubt never want to return to youth detention or jail when he is older. You can read a detailed article about it here

Melbourne Property Crime on the rise

According to police statistics, crime in Melbourne has increased 16.6% between 2011 and 2012 with two thirds of that being against property. The total reported crimes reported in the Melbourne area in 2012 was 30,948. This is concerning news. 

On the up side, it seems that robberies have decreased a little. For more information check out this article from the Melbourne Times Weekly

TopLock Locksmiths are giving away a free night at ALT Tower Serviced Apartments

ALT Tower Serviced Apartments are a big client of TopLock Locksmiths, they have kindly donated a free night for one of our lucky Facebook fans.

Win a night at ALT Tower Serviced Apartments

You win 1 Night in a 2 Bedroom Luxory apartment (1 queen bed, 1 double bed, so you can bring up to 4 people) valued at $275.

Apartments are full self-contained with complimentary free WiFi and parking for 1 vehicle with complimentary late checkout at 11am.

The rooms also feature spectacular views, modern décor, full kitchen and laundry facilities, LCD TV/DVD Player, IPod Docking Station and reverse cycle air conditioning.

It is about a $13 taxi away from the city with trams and trains nearby, not far from the Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne Zoo, Hospitals and Lygon street restaurants and Docklands so you’ll have no problem finding something to do nearby.

Make sure you read the full terms and conditions for all the rules and tips on how to improve your chances of winning (eg. sharing with friends)

You can enter the contest on the Toplock Locksmiths Facebook Page by clicking the tab or directly from clicking here to enter via computer or mobile device. 

Adding perspex, locks and a door closer to a gate for maximum security.

Having locks on the doors and windows of your house or business is definitely a good idea to keep your property secure, sometimes people overlook other entrances such as your gates. The gate to your property can be quite easy access for burglars as a lot of people have a habit of leaving them unlocked for convenience. Your gates can be all that stands in the way of burglars or other intruders from getting into your back yard and from either using anything you keep outside as a tool to break into your house or stealing any property from your shed or yard. You may have a shed full of tools that could be used to break into your house or that could be stolen. An unlocked gate could also allow them to find an unlocked back door of your house.

Below are some photos of a recent job by one of our locksmiths Jason where he attached a Lockwood 002 lock to the gate  as well as the perspex sheeting to the gate of an apartment building somewhere in Melbourne.

Perspex door lock


The reason for the perspex is so that no one can put their arms around to unlock the gate from the other side. The other side of the gate does not require a key, this is for safety reasons (such as if there is a fire, you can easily escape) but it prevents unwanted people from getting in. Because it is clear in appearance it does not greatly affect the aesthetic design of the existing gate. 


Perspex door lock with door closer

Above is the gate shown from the inside of the property, it is very easy to exit out of and does not require a key from this side. You will also notice a door closer down the bottom of the photo. This has been installed to make sure that no one accidentally leaves the door open or unlocked. This would have been a regular occurrence at this apartment block, so now that problem will be solved. Hopefully no one locks themselves out though (but if they do they’ll know who to call!)

 If you have a gate on your property and would look to increase the security on it and you’re near Melbourne, Australia , feel free to contact TopLock Locksmiths for a quote.

Our Easter Contest is over!

Today was the last day of the Toplock Locksmiths $150 worth of Cadbury Easter Chocolate Competition on Facebook. This contest had nearly 300 entries using a contest app we created. The contest was open to anyone who lives around the Melbourne area willing to pick up the prize from the Toplock Locksmiths head office in Northcote. The lucky winner was Emma McFarlane and hopefully she will be able to come in soon to collect the prize before the Easter weekend. We can’t wait to get these out of our office, it’s been a tough few weeks staring at all these each week without being able to eat them! When we called her she actually said she was on her way out to go buy Easter Eggs for her kids, so we definitely saved her some time and money! Great to know! 

 easter contest ending


If you want to keep up to date with our future Facebook contests make sure you Like the Toplock Locksmiths Facebook Page! Hopefully we’ll manage to get a photo of the winner soon and we’ll post that too!