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Then call TopLock now on 1300 679 979 – we’ve got locksmiths standing by to provide for your Avondale heights Locksmith requirements and can have someone at your home, business or vehicle in under 1 hr.

Our service caters for the security and locksmith needs of the riverside suburb of Avondale heights. This wonderful Melbourne suburb has a lot to offer, and we love helping local residents and businesses with their security needs, so they can relax and enjoy the benefits of the local area.

Security can be a major stress for many people, especially as the crime rates are high and the next attack is always unknown. Even if you have been lucky not to have experienced theft or home invasion, it only takes one event to cause you or your belongings harm. We understand as locksmiths, how important it is to make simple and affective security decisions ahead of that time. A few good choices, such as changing your locks or installing screens on your windows, could be the best ones you ever make.

Criminals who are planning to invade or attack a property may spend time planning this in advance. They also make spontaneous decisions if they are passing through an area, and notice a property that is not tight with its security. They can use parks and local communal areas to view your property, track your routine and notice the times you come and go. They will observe the methods they can use to enter the property without being noticed by your neighbours and other public walking by, and they will also develop an exit plan. This could involve them leaving quickly to a nearby suburb, or even leaving Melbourne and heading interstate. This makes it much harder for police to track them and return your valuable goods. Instead of worrying about this process, take the precautions now to prevent them from taking advantage of your building.

We work in Avondale Heights and surrounding suburbs and we understand the different characteristics of the buildings in this area. There are apartment blocks and also freestanding houses. Some of them are older, some new and some have been renovated. All of these need to have their security measures assessed. Even if you are moving into a new home, don’t expect that the security meets the needs of the crime in the local Avondale Heights area.

Many new home developers don’t invest in security and take the cheapest options available and shortcuts that could cost the new residents time and money. Also, if you are living in one of the older buildings in the area, ask yourself, when was the last time the locks were changed and repaired?

How secure are the locks, and also the door and window frames. Many doors and windows can be broken through with good criminal knowledge or just a strong force. They can be taken off their hinges and windows can be smashed. Talk to us, your local locksmiths, if this is your situation. We can easily replace or install old and worn out doors and windows with those that are sturdy and are designed specifically to prevent people from braking through. Doors and windows need to not only look good, but they need to add to the total security of your home. They need to function, to protect you and your family.

We can also assist with replacing locks. If you have just moved into a new home it will be wise to change all your locks, as you don’t know who still has keys to your home. For a break in to occur, it could be as simple as the intruder using the key to get through the door. If you have old or damaged locks, don’t risk them being smashed or picked, get them replaced and sleep easy at night.