Services Provided By A Locksmith Preston Folks Can Take Advantage Of

There’s a reason why every town has typically always had at least one locksmith. Preston folks, even those just passing through, understand the necessity of having one that they can contact 24/7. They have time and again found reason to call on one for a particular service, oftentimes in the nature of an emergency. Locksmiths […]

Hiring A Locksmith – Carlton Clients’ FAQs

You won’t know how important locksmith services are until you’ve lost your key or found yourself locked out somehow. It’s good to have a locksmith Carlton folks can call anytime a lock emergency arises. Locksmiths offer quite a range of services, including domestic security, automotive security, and commercial security. Should there ever be need to […]

Should You Rekey Your Locks?

When it comes to securing a home or business, rekeying the locks is something that most people never consider. So long as the locks work and they have a key, most consumers assume their property is safe against unauthorized entry. Surprisingly, this isn’t always the case. There may be several keys to your home or […]

What To Look For When Hiring A Locksmith in Melbourne

When people find themselves in need of a locksmith, the situation is usually urgent, which doesn’t allow for a lot of time to shop around. Most clients looking for a locksmith in Melbourne do so while stranded outside of their homes, businesses or cars and are all too happy to accept the first bid from […]

A roof burglary St Kilda – better to use Ebay

We did complete change of locks, windows, deadlocks…. even a skylight lock on a house in St Kilda last April as the owner had had their keys stolen.  Not only had they had their keys stolen… they had had almost all their valuable possessions stolen as well. By someone they had invited into their home.  […]

First time North Fitzroy renters forgot about security

For a lot of young people when they first move out of home the wake-up calls come fast and often. The dishes don’t do themselves. Neither do the clothes. The bathroom is not self cleaning, the garbage does not take itself out and rent is just one of many bills that has to be covered. […]

A stashed key in Hawthorn – a runner runs the gauntlent

We attended premises in Hawthorn this week to rekey all locks following a burglary. This was not your normal forced entry burglary. No doors had been kicked in, no windows broken… The owner wasn’t even entirely sure at first that she had been burgled let alone when. Soon she realised that she had been burgled […]

A few screws loose in Hawthorn

We attended a house in Hawthorn this week – it wasn’t an emergency callout but the owner advised she was having a lot of trouble locking her front door so we came out to have a look at it. In most cases a deadlock will be replaced well before it wears out as a new […]

Replacing St Kilda deadlocks missing quick release

We attended a property in St Kilda this week to do a general safety and security inspection with some interesting results.  The home had a new owner who wanted a general inspection to ensure in case of a burglary their insurance would be valid. As it turns out their insurance certainly would have covered them […]

Deadlock re keying in Balwyn

We had a callout in Balwyn this week from a tenant who wanted their locks replaced.  They had not had any problems with a former flatmate or anything like that… they just wanted to ensure their home was secure as the locks had not been replaced in a long time. We have several real estate […]